Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Holy Basil and Stress Relief

Hello Moms, Dads and everyone who has a problem with stress!
I've been introduced to something recently. It's called Holy Basil Leaf.

Listen up...I'm a mom of 4.  My patience has been severely lacking these past couple years. My stress levels - WAY high. Yelling? I'm a pro, yo. But lately, it's been getting out of hand. My kids started thinking I was preggo again just because I was so cranky and stressed all the time! (nooooo, thank you!)

Someone came to visit a little while ago, with his wife and kids and one of the first things I noticed was how mellow he was about everything. No matter what his kids did, he handled it the way it should have been handled - calmly. Did his kids get away with everything? No way! But he was able to do what needed to be done with his head cool. I was like, "what the flip! How do you do that?"

The first night he was here, he told us about this herb he started talking recently called, "Holy Basil" for stress control. I immediately thought about how calm he was all day and I couldn't believe it. Something that worked! But, would it work for me?

I found it at Whole Foods for $29.99 and started taking it. The first day, I was chill...like a penguin. I couldn't feel anything to tell me that something new was in my body but when it came to things that would usually stress me out, I had no problem. I laughed more. I played with the kids more. I took my precious time doing whatever I needed to do - and all without yelling.

This stuff works.

I'm seriously going to recommend it to anyone I know that's stressing out a lot because I can see it work in myself.

Yikes...I sound like a commercial.

Woodland Mom

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